Bradley to San Ardo

13 miles
8-10 hours
Access points
Put-in: Bradley Take-out: San Ardo
Best flow
150 to 600 cfs at Bradley Bridge
Current flow
645 cfs Above recommended flow Updated February 3, 2023 at 3:37 am
Dam release
Water flows are dependent on scheduled dam releases.
Private property
Parts of this area is near private land, be aware of your rights and responsibilities.
  • Kayaks, canoes, or SUPs
Help protect your river rights.  Let us know if you have gone on this trip.

A classic Salinas River float through some of the most beautiful stretches of river.

There are several barbed-wire fences that cross the river. The flow is never very high, so it is easy to spot these and make your way to the river's edge. There are several narrow sections that at higher flows have moderate strainers. Stay close to the main flow in these areas.


Spot a car at San Ardo.



Distance: 0 miles
Driving directions

Park on the road by Bradley bridge.

First Barbed-wire fence

Distance: 6.3 miles

A barbed-wire fence crosses the river. Pass boats over the fence river left.

San Ardo Oil fields

Distance: 8 miles

The San Ardo oil fields are dangerous operating oil fields, do not try and exit the river here except in emergencies. The bridge over the river is not a good access point and is all on private land with no public easement.

Second Barbed-wire fence

Distance: 9.2 miles

A barbed-wire fence crosses the river. Pass boats over the fence river right.


Distance: 13 miles
Driving directions

Exit the river on the right at a large sand bar next to the footings of the old bridge before the current Sand Ardo bridge. Follow the dry wash to the right, away from the river. Turn left when you hit a fence, and follow the fence to an opening built into it.