Blanco Road to River Mouth

5.6 miles
4-6 hours
Access Points
Put-in: Blanco Bridge Take-out: Salinas River National Wildlife Refuge
Best flow
0 to 100 cfs at Chualar
Current flow
0 cfs Good flow Updated November 30, 2023 at 2:32 pm
  • Kayaks, canoes, or SUPs
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One of the most consistently-runnable sections of the river in the summer when a large lagoon backs up to Blanco.

Note that if there is any significant flow, then the river mouth could be breached and you should not attempt going down river.

This trip can be run either north-to-south or south-to-north as the river backs up into a lagoon on this stretch. It's best to check out the river first at Blanco. If there is no flow, then going from the north-to-south is a better option because the prevailing winds will be at your back.

There is a rubber dam five miles from the river mouth that could require a portage if it is up.

When there is no flow, large expanses of duckweed can clog the waterway, making paddling extremely slow above the dam.


Spot a car at Salinas River Wildlife Refuge if going south-to-north, or Blanco bridge if traveling north-to-south.



Distance: 0 miles
Driving directions

Park on the road by Blanco bridge.

Rubber dam

Distance: 3.5 miles

The dam is usually closed in the summer and open in the winter. If it is closed, do not attempt to go over the dam. There is an easy portage on river left around the dam, and clear buoys before the dam. Learn more about the rubber dam.

Alternate take-out

Distance: 5.6 miles
Driving directions

Exit the river right as you pass under highway 1, after the abandoned railroad bridge, at the Monte Road access point.


Distance: 5.6 miles
Driving directions

Exit the river on the left after passing under the highway 1 overpass and a field on your left. You will be exiting at the Salinas River Wildlife Refuge.